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Our Story

Mark Bottoni and Ted Bennett have been charming their audiences with their interpretations of "the standards," oldies, rock'n roll, Latin rhythms and Italian love songs. They portray the magic styles of Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Bobby Darin, The Beatles, Barry White, and the beat goes on.

Their musical history dates back to the days of yore, with Mark Bottoni playing on Broadway, recording studios, TV and radio commercials. Ted began his career with a group called the Plurals, with their top hits including "Miss Annie' and "Goodnight." Later in the 60's Ted formed a group called the Bachelors Five, with Joe Pesci on guitar.

Having A Party.... Call Mark at (201) 328-4786 Or Ted at (201) 532-8701

Our Music

Here's a small sampling of our music that can be your music at your next party, celebration or gala affair. Just click on the music and listen. The music can also download to your computer by clicking on the download widget. Your screen will go blank as you are listening. When you are finished or want to go to the next section, just close the screen and our music list will reappear. 


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